This distinctive 3 colored camouflage, with two layers of nylon covering the polyester filling, is a very durable piece of equipment. 

The old question, “why call poncho liner a woobie?”. A woobie is what we call a child’s blanket or a security blanket, okay so there’s this claim that this word came from the 1983 Michael Keaton movie, “Mr.Mom” in which the child calls his security blanket his woobie. Here’s the clip Mr.Mom @(0:54)

Base on internet forums about this topic, the term did not come into being until 1990’s but no matter how silly the word is, this is now the new norm.

The comfort of the woobie after a long, tiring, exhausting and wet day, seems to be as a very good reason for our soldiers to truly love this basic item. The warmth of the “woobie” will always be poetically declared by any soldier as the single most-loved item in the armed forces. Some even hang on to their woobies well after they leave the military.

Perhaps, this is the greatest thing to ever be issued by the U.S. Military. Is this true?

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